Building Permits

In “Aggelos Giakis” Technical Office, we are highly experienced in building permit section. We undertake the complete study and files distribution in order to issue the building permit and continue with the construction.

Construction Supervision

Our big experience to the section of construction supervision, offers you convenience in trusting us!

Illegal Buildings Constructions Legalization

We provide you with all the necessary actions to submit your property to the law 4495/17 for illegal building constructions.

Restoration Of Byzantine & Metabyzantine Buildings

Restoration Of Byzantine & Metabyzantine Buildings

Integrated Projects Management

We provide you many services concerning of project management.
Organizing a construction project, distributing all the activities which are needed from the initial idea till the integration day, is extremely difficult and this makes integrated construction project management absolutely necessary.
We undertake the whole development of the proposed solution:
• Submitting implementation’s proposals
• Project’s integration methodology
• Reports of investment costs
• Timeline (project implementation & monitoring)
• Design
• Building construction permits
• Construction management
• Financial project management, Implementation & Delivery
• Financial clearance
• Delivery protocols
• Long term unit support