Με εμπειρία που ξεπερνά τα 30 έτη, το κατασκευαστικό γραφείο «Άγγελος Γιάκης» διαθέτει την τεχνογνωσία για να εξασφαλίσει άριστη ποιότητα κατασκευής και μελέτες υψηλού επιπέδου.

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ΠΕΟ Κορίνθου – Πατρών
Περιγιάλι Κορινθίας



House in Perigiali of Korinthia

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House in Perigiali of Korinthia

House in Perigiali of Korinthia


Design & Construction

Due to their wide number of friends and many events at the living room of the house, it was really necessary to develop spacious dining and lounge rooms.

The challenge accepted by architectures in order to construct a house of a man who grew up in Belgium and had strict European architectural way of see.

Meanwhile, the target was the final result to be in harmony with the Greek residential environment.

“Despite the high requirements and the particularities of construction (such as underfloor heating) which cause delays, the building construction and deliverance was completed in just 9 months. This construction with reinforced concrete was externally covered with old demolition brick, over 80 years old. Additionally, particular parts of the house were accented with processed stone. “